Embracing changes.
Be agile.

The current climate of rapid change in marketing, communications and technologies poses both challenges and opportunities that are driving a need for more agile and effective outsourcing options.

How will you benefit from working with us?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing and communications, it’s clear that competitive advantage will go to those who can react the quickest to the market needs and do the best job of maximizing ROI via finding innovative ways to get business-critical initiatives done. With Edgeup Studio you are in good hands to achieve that.

Edgeup studio
your competitive advantage

Specialized, digital experts

Digital is our one—and only—focus, our core members are highly seasoned professionals who understand the digital game inside out. Our network of freelancers are highly skilled, tried and trusted through more than 10 years of networking in the industry. Using technology and processes to continuously improve when working with freelancers within our community.

You get the A team, always

Using technology we store a long list of freelancers with specific data that allow us to match them with our client projects. We create team on the fly by matching your project with our professionals with the most relevant skills and experience in our large talent pool, making sure your team is most relevant to your requirement.


By keeping every parts of this system agile, we are able to optimise the production process in order to create the best value for our clients. With minimal overhead and the know how of remote working world wide, all savings are reflected on the price tag of our project quote.